I have love for you; you’re my family.

50 favorite photos of Cory Monteith 36|50

Lea Michele takes pictures in the photo booth at the Donatienne Fall Collection Brunch

Naya’s legs appreciation post (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ in At The Devil’s Door

Eating weird stuff

Lea Michele attends the 2014 Teen Choice Awards on August 10, 2014

50 favorite photos of Cory Monteith 35|50

The look of the character was established before. They picked my voice because they thought it went well with his look. […] He’s not like a skinny jean Disney prince. (x)

Jeremy Ray Valdez
"Honestly, everyone here are business women, we all work incredibly hard, we usually see each other at work stuff or events, and to just have a moment to see each other on a beautiful Sunday, where we’re celebrating things that make us feel and look beautiful, I think it’s so nice," Michele said as she caught up with Teigen. (x)